5 trendy foods to try this Easter

Instead of the standard, why not create a delicious and decadent Easter feast using these top five fresh and on-trend ingredients?

It’s that wonderful time of the year when the air is filled with the scent of cinnamon from freshly-baked hot cross buns and our pantries are lined with adorable chocolate bunnies.

Soon, we’ll have our nearest and dearest over for an Easter feast to end all feasts…

Problem is, the idea of serving up the traditional roast lamb or chicken, a side of something starchy and a medley of salad ingredients seems a little mundane.

Fear not! With an abundance of food trends cropping up faster than a batch of microgreens, the world is your oyster when it comes to creating a twist on a family-favourite feast.

Here are five trendy foods to try this Easter that are sure to turn your humble gathering into an afternoon of delightful gluttony.

  1. Soft Shell Crab

While the combination of picante cocktail sauce and delicate prawn is still a winner, why not branch out and opt for a soft shell crab starter instead?

A prized American delicacy, the soft shell crab is made possible when a crab (preferably blue crab) outgrows its shell and sheds its old one to make room for the new.

The best way to prepare the meat is to roll it in flour and deep fry in a skillet for roughly two minutes, keeping the crab in tact.

For the more adventurous, opt for a tempura-style variation using ground saltines.

  1. Roast Duck

No longer reserved for the shop front windows of Asian restaurants, the duck has made a bold and delicious comeback and can be a welcome replacement for the traditional roast.

Duck can be relatively easy to prepare, so long as you dry out the skin to get that extra crispy element everyone craves.

For a festive spin, why not incorporate fresh raspberries into a salt and thyme rub, and finish with a burst of fresh pomegranate seeds.

  1. Colourful Sides

Forget wilted green asparagus stems and mashed potatoes. Ramp up the colour (and flavour) of your Easter feast with an array bold whole foods, such as purple cauliflower and black rice.

To contrast the delicate flavours of your duck, combine the black rice with walnuts, lemon, white wine vinegar, agave and spring onions.

  1. Tea-Spiked Cocktails

For the master mixologist, give your old-fashioned recipe a rest and opt for an earl grey tea cocktail instead. The beautiful bitterness of the tea, combined with hints of lavender and honey is sure to quench many a thirst.

Simply brew your favourite Earl Grey and leave to chill. Combine with gin, lemon juice and honey. Shake with ice and a sprig or two of lavender and serve.

  1. Spicy Dessert

With spicy flavours making a roaring entrance into our culinary experience, it seems fitting to ditch the traditional pavlova or cheesecake for something sweet with a side of kick.

Think chocolate and jalapeno, or creamy ice-cream with a dash of cinnamon, ginger and cayenne.

For those that love a fiery aftertaste, why not try your hand at Tabasco Smoked Chipotle Dark Chocolate Ice Cream.


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