Sam Youngs

1. What was it like working with Tony Bilson?

He’s Inspiring, the man has an endless supply of knowledge. I took a lot away from that experience.

2. What experiences have you garnered from your travels that you reflect back into Momento’s menus?   

A broad and diverse selection that suits our mixed clientele.

3. What is the food ethos you carry at Momento group?

Fresh, pure and Australian cuisine that supports local and sustainable ingredients so that our customers have a memorable experience.

4. What awards have you garnered throughout your career?

During my time as Head Chef at Pier Restaurant in Sydney, the kitchen was awarded the accolade of “Best Seafood Restaurant in Australia.”


Dan Shaw

1. What makes the Australian Brewery special?

We are a small brewery with a big vision of exporting across the world. It’s a bold move, but with export to 10 countries already happening as well as national distribution in Australia, it’s a goal that’s heading to fulfilment.     

2.  What does brewing craft beer mean to you?

I enjoy making a specialised product for a domestic and international audience. It’s very satisfying creating a beer and seeing happy customer reviews or seeing a large shipment heading out in a container knowing that it is being enjoyed around the world.

3. What makes Australian Brewery craft beer so unique?

Our uniqueness comes from being the first Craft brewery in Australia to package in cans, and being at the front of exporting Australian craft beer around the world.

4. What flavours / tasting notes / other beers / ingredients inspire you?

I’m Inspired by the market leaders, the likes of Feral Brewing, Mt Goat, Stone & Wood, all of who achieved a lot for the industry and build their companies in the short but fast rise of Australian craft beer market.    

6.  Which country makes the best beer and why?

That can’t really be answered in a simple way as many of the countries around the world create wonderful beers that the quality can’t be replicated. i.e. Lambic beers of Belgium, Wheat and Smoked beers of Germany, IPA’s of the USA all are wonderful styles of beers and all go down great in different situations.