V.I.C.E (Virtual Interactive Cocktail Experience) is the perfect way to boost both team and customer engagement during these challenging times.

If you're looking for a way to spice-up your online meetings and events - then look no further! Our master mixologists will take you on a 60min cocktail adventure, teaching little-known facts about cocktail origins and history whilst preparing 3 awesome cocktails.

All participants have the option to follow along, mixing and sampling their very own creations!

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World's Best selling cocktails

Each year Drinks International releases their yearly review of the top 50 best selling classic cocktails from around the world as surveyed from 127 top tier bars in a multitude of countries. Unsurprisingly the top 2 best sellers, Old Fashioned and Negroni respectively have sat on top for the better part of a decade whilst this years 3rd place, the Whiskey Sour has soundly resided in the top 5 for just as long. All three drinks are rich in history claiming their orgins from over a 100 years ago yet still ever as popular and ordered over the bar in the modern scene. Why not include one of these best selling cocktails in your package.

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Choose Your Cocktail Journey

World’s Best Selling Cocktails

Learn about the origins, ingredients and production of the Espresso Martini, Old Fashioned and the one and only Negroni.

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Evolution of the Martini

Take a trip back in time to sample the very first martini and explore how it evolved over the years to become the drink we know (and love) today.

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Berry Lovely Drinks

Fruit liqueurs are the secret ingredients to many of the popular cocktails served today, learn how to make the French Martini and other fruit inspired drinks.

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The virtual cocktail training was so much fun – our team raved about it! Even our CEO got into the spirit…literally!

Paula Booth, Special Projects Manager
Kelly Partners Group Holdings Limited

Virtual Cocktail Packages

A range of virtual cocktail packages are available to suit your business needs and budget, starting from a fun and interactive webinar right through to the supply of full cocktail kits (included all ingredients and equipment) sent out to each participant.

Packages start from as little as $30pp (minimum 10 participants).

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