Bar Manager - Sarino's

Jacob Wicks

My favourite drink to make is whatever your favourite is to drink….

For Sarino’s Bar Manager Jacob Wicks, there are a myriad of reasons he loves the magical world of bartending and chooses to create what he describes as ‘liquid art’ at Sarino’s Bar.

Before he even begins mixing, Jacob describes the hunt to track down what kind of drink is going to satisfy the wants of everyone who walks through the door, is an adventure in itself. He believes guests invest their time and trust into him to fix them something tasty, and he will deliver. 

He admires the wondrous moment of a guest taking their first sip, and slowly watching a smile creep across their face, or the ever resounding sound of an “ahhh”. This is where he finds his ultimate satisfaction, and love for bartending. To marry a guest to their perfect drink is extremely rewarding, as is to become a part of their celebration, commiseration or socialisation. He offers an experience transporting guests from their day-to-day lives and into something adventurous (or familiar) with a delicious drink and some charming chat. Jacob believes this shared interaction with guests in a social setting, combined with the behind the scenes crossroads of science, mathematics, gastronomy, and creativity, is what makes bartending his chosen path. He sees bartending also as a form of expression, to where he feels he can afford to show more personality. 

Jacob personally enjoys drinking anything ‘Italian and bitter’, such as a Negroni, or something of the dark, brooding and mysterious; Manhattan’s. But a whisky or beer will also do the trick. At Sarino’s Jacob raises the bar and loves to create with fun and exciting techniques, sometimes using smoke, or fire for his Blue Blazer’s. 

Outside of bartending, Jacob is a pop culture aficionado; a lover of Tarantino, smooth tunes, and good classic literature.  He praises the late Anthony Bourdain as an inimitable inspiration to the hospitality industry. 

While delivering an unmatched experience, Jacob infuses his love for pop culture into the names of his drinks and menu descriptions, truly infusing his essence into the fabric of Sarino’s Bar. 


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